Detroit Broomball Club

Team Registration

Please use the following form if you are a team captain and wish to register your team for the upcoming 2022 Spring Session. The following are the details for registering a team:

  • The team fee for the session is $1200.
  • An initial deposit of $400 is due now upon registration.
  • An additional $400 is due by the start of the session (March 27th).
  • The remaining $400 balance is due by April 17th.
  • As the Captain of your team you are responsible for paying all fees due and owed to the Detroit Broomball Club. You are responsible for collecting any individual payments due and owed to you from your players.
  • The Detroit Broomball Club requires that each team has one woman on the ice at all times. As such it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a sufficient number of women on your team in order to comply with this rule.
  • Failure to submit your team payments by the dates indicated above may result in your team forfeiting any scheduled games until such time as payment is received.

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